Moving checklist for tenants

Essential things to check before you move house

When you move house you may start to panic about having so much to do yet so little time. Follow our moving checklist to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Four weeks before:

  • If applicable, give your existing landlord four weeks notice that you're moving out.
  • If required, book a professional removal company to help you move your belongings.
  • Sort through all your belongings and sell or give away any unwanted items.
  • Start collecting plenty of boxes to transport your belongings.
  • If necessary, order furniture for your new home and make sure you delay the delivery date until after you have moved in.
  • Inform all service providers of your change of address including utility companies, TV license, DVLA and your bank.

Three weeks before:

  • Book a professional cleaner (we can organise this for you) so the property is left in good order.
  • Purchase contents insurance.
  • Start packing and label boxes clearly.
  • Start taking down any fitted items that are coming with you.
  • If you have any pets, arrange a home for them on the day of the move.
  • Start using up frozen food and buy small supplies until you move.

Two weeks before:

  • Return any borrowed items such as library books.
  • Cancel deliveries of newspapers and milk.
  • Organise your plants for the move and make sure they have proper tubs to transport them in.

One week before:

  • If necessary, defrost and clean the fridge and freezer so it is ready for the move.
  • Pack a box of personal items that will be needed immediately in your new home. E.g. lightbulbs, toiletries, kettle
  • Contact your removal company to confirm their arrival time and notify them of any last minute details.

Moving out day:

  • Organise and set aside any items you are taking with you so they don't get loaded onto the van by mistake.
  • Disconnect everything from your own property.
  • Write down your meter readings and inform your utility company.
  • Strip beds and pack bedding.
  • Before you leave, double check you haven't left anything behind.
  • Check all windows are closed and doors are locked.
  • Hand your old keys into your landlord or the agent acting on their behalf
  • Collect the keys for your new property from!